Took the plunge….

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Its been a while. But you know…..LIFE.

Izzie started school this year and Lolly entered toddler world. Or as Ben calls it Turdler world. I could write for hours about their shenanigans but this post is about me.

So I joined the gym. Its been a few years since I smashed out a pump class (still haven’t been game to smash one out) or took a 45min RPM cycle. I thought it was high time I get my backside into gear (and shape) so I took the plunge and signed up. Shits changed. Like really changed. I used to wander in with my towel, drink bottle, earphones and card. Now I walk in wrestling two children into the crèche…Lola kicking and screaming and Izzie informing me Lolas just mad because Izzie has more friends than her (lucky the nannas have been around to eliminate that process). Iphone, wallet, car keys, towel, card 1, after hours card, earphones, water. Fuck sake. Enter the treadmill zone.

A man was running backwards on the treadmill. Dead set!! Like seriously my towel fell off and I almost rolled off the end trying to avoid tripping on it. And there he goes just trot, trotting facing the WRONG way. No one seems to be looking but me. So it’s obviously normal.

Designer Active Wear. Erry where. I have on Cotton On tights and a kmart tee…two sports bras and a top knot. FAIL. Your hair should be blow dried and make up neatly applied. By make up I do not mean a lick of foundation and lip gloss. Lip liner and full lips, lashes primpt , eyebrows must be on point. And these girls can run! Absolute Machines! I thought I was killing it running on 9 my first few times…then I see peeps smashing out 12s or more. Does the machine even go that fast?? And if they need a rest they just jump on the side of the treadmill!!! I kid you not. Then jump back on and start sprinting again. Sometimes I am tempted to try it. I imagine falling off and rolling about on the treadmill, screaming and injuring myself and my dignity. Yeah I’ll give that a miss thanks.

Funny thing is I really enjoy it. It’s nice to get out and do something for myself….even if it is exercise. If your ever in need of a laugh just pop down to goodlife. You will no doubt see me smashing out a few kilometres on the treadmill and if your lucky I may even be running backwards.




Easy Meat Pie

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This pie is gold! Everyone in my household loves it….including me because it literally takes 5 mins to throw together and is cheap as chips to make.


500-700 of diced beef. Chuck, topside whatever you can find in your local.

1 Brown Onion diced

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 cup beef stock

1/4 cup corn flour mixed with half cup of water.

2 sheets Puff Pastry

1 egg to wash over pastry



Pre heat oven at 180.

Throw beef, onion, soy and beef stock into slow cooker and cook on high for 3 hours. After cooked add your cornflour/ water mix and stir until thickens.

Grease your pie dish and put 1 sheet of pastry along the bottom

Add pie filling and other pastry sheet over the top. I pinch the sides together but only roughly…I like the rustic look hahaha.

Wipe over with egg wash and place in oven until golden brown.

Let sit for 10 mins before serving.

This is the super basic pie method. If you want to joosh it up a bit add mushrooms, dash of red wine and garlic.

mmmm mmm mmmmm


Goodbye 2015

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Ill start with the negatives.

That first 3 months of the year when I was pregnant. Those restless legs were absolute killer. Growing a baby and surviving off 2 hours sleep along with a feisty just turned 2 year old.

Very nearly losing my precious potato Lola. Those words from her neo nates  paed ” You need to leave the room as she is fighting for her life.” WORST DAY EVER. NY2

The lack of sleep. Maaaaaaan I miss plopping my head on my pillow and only waking up because I need a wee.

Sleep training, Unswaddling, Breastfeeding…my poor lasered nipples. Not to mention my poor old boobs…these bad boys have seen better days.

Tantrums….from myself, my husband and both daughters.

The amount of bad luck and heartache all my friends had to go through.

Realising having one child was a walk in the park and I would never visit the toilet solo again.

Being short. ( Not me…I was short last year) Short with people. I feel like I had many half arsed conversations from either being tired or keeping my eye on the kids. I’ll work on that this year friends.

The Positives

LOLA JAMES! Lolly Rocket, Lolly Dolly, Lola the Roller, Potato, Mrs Potato Head…Big GAL. You my plump little friend were worth every sleepless night and every tear shed in hospital. Your the funniest, sweetest, happiest little Buddha around and you make us smile every day. Life got a whole lot better when you arrived.

Izzie. Watching you grow into a little girl this year was amazing. You may not be the most patient big sister but you take your job very seriously. Watching Izz become more independent was a real highlight. She is our Wild Woman who loves a chat (must get that from her Dad) , is adventurous, feisty, beautiful and just an absolute cracker of a child.


My Husband. We made it through another year hahaha. I am sure Ben thought he was meant to have boys but he is the most wonderful, kindest, gentle Dad to the pixies. He does it all (well if the surf isn’t pumping). Night feeds, nappy changes, settling, baths, bulk skate park outings. He even managed to buy me a few bunches of flowers this year. Well played Fitty!

My Family. Goes without saying they fucking rock.

My Friends…new and old. A few of us had some terrible things happen this year some came out on top and others did not. One thing I am grateful for is I really know who my true friends are. I appreciate them. I may not see them everyday or even every month but I feel blessed to have such rad people in my life. You all know who you are.

Babies. 5 dear friends had new additions this year. All happy and healthy. LOVE.

Ummmm I am pretty amazed at how much I ran this year. With the double pram. Fuck that’s a hard slog. Go me.

This blog. Hey I’m no writer but I have really enjoyed playing around with the Dishevelled Mumma. Its stopped my brain from turning into total mash potato. Hopefully I get more time to write in 2016.

And with that I bid you Good Day! I doubt Ill get a chance to sign in tomorrow as I am wining and dining with a nearest and dearest….I wish you all a safe, happy and bloody awesome 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!




Pad Thai inspired salad

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This is my go to salad at the mo! Zingy zesty and a bit spicy. Low carb but if you want to add rice noodles it bulks it up a bit.

Firstly I used one of those cool spiraliser things… It was so shit! It cost me 40 big ones and I prob won’t use it again. Your better to grate or finely slice your veg instead. I serve with chicken or pork but anything goes…


1 cucumber sliced

2 carrots grated

1 cup red cabbage shredded

1 red capsicum sliced

2 spring onions chopped

handful fresh coriander chopped

handful of fresh mint chopped

1/2 cup ( or more) salted peanuts


Juice of 1 lime

3tbsp Sesame oil

3tbsp Soy sauce

1tbsp Fish sauce

1tsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp honey

1 Clove of garlic



Goes like this. Chop everything up… Chuck it in.

Mix dressing. Before serving throw on dressing and peanuts and BANG… Done.

So tasty with rice noodles too.

Enjoy x



The Beach

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beach 1

Remember when beach life was simple? You would roll out of bed at oh lets say 9am (if you were getting up early) look out the window….hot, sunny….perfect beach weather. Pop on bikini (no underwire required), apply some sun cream, grab a towel, magazine and jump in car. Trot down the path, dive into the water for a dip, lay on sand, read, swim, possibly walk to kiosk for beverage, swim, sunbake, read… repeat. Fucking glorious.

I went to the beach this morning. Wake up 5.50am with an extra body in my bed….( sounds crazy hey!! must have been a big night…) Keep it PG kids! Its my almost 3 year old who has not come solo. She has got her pillow, bunny, dummy and 2 drink bottles. After an hour and a half of breakfast routines we are ready to go to the beach. I mean ready to get ready to go to beach. Find kids bathers. Chase older child around attempting to put bathers on whilst she wiggles about with her giant floaties. Finish putting her bathers on. Need a wee Mum! Take bathers off and child to the toilet. Spend another 10 mins with wriggling toddler putting her bathers back on. Have forgotten water nappies for the 8 month old. Ahh well. Leave normal nappy on. Try desperately to squeeze her into her dork suit. It’s a size 1…its tight. Hats. Where the fuck are the hats. Search for hats. Sun cream. Special sun cream. Both children have allergies. Towels, snacks, drink bottles. I feel like we are going for days…..we will be lucky to last an hour. Bag packed. Only taken an 45 mins. Put my bathers on. GIANT Black, suck your belly and hoist up your boosies kind of swimsuit. Full Piece. Quite possibly a pair you may see your Nan in. Spend another 10 loading everything and gals into the car. We are off!

Find a spot as close to the path as possible. Get out necessities…Umbrella, floaties, toys, snacks, extra nappies, clothes for after our swim, drink bottles, sun cream, towels….and the kids.

It’s too hot. I don’t want to walk, my legs are tired. That’s what I say in my head….and what comes out of Izzies mouth. Carry everything and kids down to the beach. Find a spot. Unpack….there’s another 30 mins.

It’s too cold, the waves are scary, Lola’s eating the sand. Me want to play here, no over here. Put that bucket there, Lola’s eating my shovel.

I’m boiling I want to take a dip. Hubby and I take turns having 1 minute in the water whilst the other is on watch. So relaxing.

Ok its nap time for the baby so we have to go home. Cue tantrum. Toddler rolls around in sand. I don’t want to go. Explain to toddler that she is going for a surf with Dad but we are dropping off the little lady. Dad has to carry both children back up path. Mum packs and carries errrrrrrrrything else.

Pull off wet bathers, change kids in front seat whilst they wriggle around. Finally load car back up. Search through everything for phone, wallet and keys. We have been down the beach for exactly 30 mins. I need a wine and its 8.40am in the morning.

Head home. That was soooo much fun Mum! Yes it was Izz. Glad you had a rad time.

So that was our glorious, relaxing morning down the beach. Izz has headed back down for a surf (lucky ben) and I am at home hanging out towels and trying to get a truck load of sand out of my car.

Next week we are heading down south for a few days. Cannot wait to throw our lunatic dog into that mix. Ahhhhhh Beach life with the kids. Bloody Glorious.

beach 2

So far so good.

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food things

God. What a few weeks. Seriously when does life slow down? 1 month ago I was brimming with excitement for my Bali holiday and all the wonderful things I would blog about. I would share my tips on baby friendly Villas, restaurants, toyshops etc and BANG struck with tonsillitis, chest infection which then turned into Bronchitis. I spent majority of the holiday in bed. I only just made it to the wedding ceremony I was flying up for. WORST. Anyway hubby’s back at work and I am still not 100%. Turns out I have some virus now similar to glandular fever. Rest and relax was the Drs advice. Clearly she’s not hanging out with two under 3.

As promised I thought I would share my experience with my new kitchen toy. The Bellini Intelli. It’s a poor version of the Thermomix. Hubs asked if I wanted a Thermomix for my birthday this year but as I had already borrowed my Mother in laws and honestly didn’t use it enough to fork out 2k. So anyhoo I needed a food processor and went to the shops and came back $229 out of pocket and with a new kitchen gadget.

So far I like it. Hey there has been a few mishaps…..Like I think I am a professional first cook and try to convert a thermomix recipe straight off the bat. Smoke. From my new machine. Fuck. Burnt the jug. Lucky it just wiped off. Other than that its been pretty easy to use.

Right now its cooking mash for me whilst Lola sleeps (or farts about in her cot fighting her morning nap…SLEEP LOLA) and Izz plays at her Nannys. Basically I am happy to use it for purees and dressings etc and also as a fancy cake mixer. I’ll keep you posted. And meanwhile if you have any siiiiiiiiiic recipes for me to try shoot me an email.

PS My mash is done…quite impressive really. Guess Izzie will be the judge of that!



Easy Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Risotto

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If easy is in the title…I like it!

I have tried a lot of different lamb shank recipes. This one is a bit of a mixture of a few different ones. It’s possibly more of a winter warmer but I find it so tasty I am happy to have it rain, hail or shine.

Ingredientsshank 1

(for the shanks)

4 Lamb Shanks

1 leek chopped

1 carrot chopped

Good dash of olive oil

Tbs of butter

2-3 cloves of garlic (I just throw in whole)shank 3

1 cup white wine

1 cup chicken stock

Handful of fresh sage

Handful of fresh thyme

With that I basically just set my slow cooker to auto and chuck it all in. Hahaha told you it was easy.


You can do any basic risotto and adjust the rice stock etc to suit your family.

I do

Dash olive oilrisso 2

1 large tsp butter

1/2 onion finely chopped

1 large celery stick finely chopped

200g risotto rice

1 glass of white wine

600ml of chicken stock (use more depending on your rice)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Handful of shaved parmesan

Add olive oil, butter, onion and celery.

Fry slowly or until veg soften add rice and stir through

Add wine and continue stirring

Once wine has cooked into rice slowly add the stock and continue stirring.

Each time the stock evaporates add more and stir until your rice is cooked.

Remove from heat and toss through parmesan and salt and pepper.

You will know your lamb shank is ready when you can pull the bone clean out of the pot. Once I have removed all the bones I basically tear the lamb roughly with my tongs. Then just spoon large amounts of lamb into Risotto and mix in big bowl. Use as little or as much of the lamb juice as you want.


I serve mine with a handful of rocket (for a peppery taste) and a chunk of bread (cause I need the extra carbs haha). Really really yummy as leftovers and also I am pretty sure it could be used as a mean arancini ball filling.

Just a little note…Last night I cooked my risotto at lunch and just refrigerated. Then I mixed all together once shanks were ready. It worked a treat. Basically I am pretty time poor at night and like to get my cooking done when the girls are down at midday. So whatever works for y’alls schedule. xx


Howdy…from a time poor Mumma

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Howdy Yáll,

As the title states shits  been pretty cray in the Fitzy household. Ive just done my 2 week swing solo…all I can say is thank fuck that’s over. Welcome home Ben. Welcome indeed. The last couple of weeks life has just got me. We have unswaddled (that was a fun week), immunised, started new reward charts….started more reward charts and just tried to get through everyday life with an almost 3 and a 6 month old. I swear to god if I go missing you will prob find me trapped under a pile of clean washing. I kid you not that pile is dangerous.

Two children is so much easier than one. Has anyone ever said that to you? I was asked many times when I would be having number two? I was pregnant with Lola when Izzie was 17 months so I don’t think I waited that long. For those of you planning number 2 just a little FYI about multiple babies being easier….what a load of BULLSHIT. Don’t fall for that old chestnut.

One baby is one… Two is like 20.

Izzie went for a sleep over at her Nanny’s the other night. That left me with Lolly. I like to refer to her as Jolly Lolly. (when I think of someone being jolly I think of them as rather plump and rosy cheeked. Lola fits this description perfectly) Anyhoo I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Dinner- Its usually touch and go with Izzie. You just don’t know how she will react to what is put in front of her. Same thing every night. Dinners readdddy. Her eyes narrow, her lips purse and all of a sudden its as if she is a judge on Masterchef. She gives me nothing as she inspects the plate. She moves things into position. I stand beside her holding my breath. She will either start eating or throw out random requests. More dip dip (tomato sauce), Where’s   my bottle? Effie’s hungry and proceeds to offload the plate to the dog. This night I poured a glass of red, sat down with Lola who would eat happily all day if I let her. Dinner done in 5 mins whilst I clear up and Lolly munches on a piece of cucumber. I sit and finish my wine and we head upstairs to the bath.

Bath- Water lots of it.Everywhere. Sometimes more on the floor than in the tub. Space issues. Izzie likes allllll the space. Lolly isn’t slight so this can be a problem. Toys. Bath Toys that should be shared. Every toy all of a sudden becomes Izzies favourite. Lola was allowed to play with a bottle cap the other night. Don’t even get me started on hair washing. My neighbors must think I am drowning my children on hair washing night…FYI Neighbors its Wednesday and Sunday around 5.30 if you want to go out. 1 baby in the bath. Wow. Giggling, splashing (the little kind), hair washed without using the death grip to hold said child in the bath. Out. No massive meltdown about getting sucked down the plug hole. Easy.

Bed- Put in sleeping bag, read book, kiss, leave. As opposed to – please stop dancing around naked and come put your pyjamas on. 10 mins later…ok how about just your pyjama top? 10 mins later…ok just a night nappy. I do need to brush your teeth. Yes you can do them yourself first. This means sucking the toothpaste of the toothbrush and not even touching one peg. Can I have a turn now? Chase child around lounge whilst trying to brush teeth. Books. Always the longest ones. Never a simple 2 minute book. Multiple questions. Why doesn’t he like green eggs Mum? Would you like green eggs Izz? No. Maybe that’s why? Moving on. Mum. Can we have green eggs? Bedtime. Get drink bottle fill with milk and heat. Not hot enough. Heat again. Too hot. Get another drink bottle fill with water. Get Dummy, get bunny, heat Cocolicious (a soft toy with a heat pack that goes in microwave…cheers for that bloody toy Mum) Walk the stairs. Slowly like snail pace. Drop bunny, drop bottle and chase up and down a few times. Say goodnight to trees, stars, moon. Finally tucked in bed. Goodnight I love you so much. Goodnight Mum. MUM…Can we have green eggs?

Nights. Izzie is a star at sleeping. Lola not so much. Look I can’t  complain we are down to one night feed and usually one settle. (last night was 4 settles, a night feed and an hour of talking to herself and playing from 3am-4am) Cue Izzie. MUM That naughty baby is waking me up. And so the night goes on like this.

There you have it. An evening in the life of a FIFO Wife and Mum of two. In saying that I would not change the age gap between Izzie and Lola as they truly are the best of friends. Izzie helps me so much with entertaining Lolly, getting toys, wipes and picking up soggy cruskits when they fall off the high chair . Watching Lola’s eyes light up every time she sees Izzie really is the best feeling. Yes its hard. Yes its worth it. I wonder what 3 would be like? hahaha xxxx



Morbid Nursery Rhymes

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So last night when I popped Lolly to bed Izzie went up to her toy room to choose a book for me to read her. She came back with 5 really boring long ones but the one she wanted me to read first was the Nursery Rhyme Treasury. All was good until we came upon Old Mother Hubbard…..

It reads like this.

Old Mother Hubbard oldmotherhubbard

She went to the cupboard

To fetch her poor doggy a bone

When she got there

The cupboard was bare,

And so the poor dog had none.

Izzie looked at me and said. Oh poor doggy. He has no food Mum. Then little tears welled up in her eyes and she lost it. She was really upset. What the actual fuck? I thought nursery rhymes were suppose to be sweet and charming. I remember chanting them around the house and backyard. Obviously I wasn’t reading into them like Izzie was. We continued the book and I stopped at Humpty Dumpty. I thought ol Izz might actually lose the plot if I said he didn’t get put back together again.

I decided to look at a few more old favorites when I took a teary Izz up to bed. Here are my top 3.

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice, three blind mice. threeblindmice_willcox

See how they run, see how they run

They all ran after the farmer’s wife

She cut off their tails with a carving knife

Did you ever see such a thing in your life?

As three blind mice.

CRIKEY! Blind mice running every which way? Id be out the door in a jiffy. I would certainly not be cutting anything or anybodies tail off! Not pleasant bed time reading.

Lady Bird Fly away home

Ladybug Ladybug fly away homeladybug

Your house is on fire and your children are gone

All except one and that’s little Ann

For she crept under the frying pan

Really? Your house is on fire and your children all gone. I poured a fat glass of red after this one. How depressing.

Its Raining, Its PouringIts-Raining-Its-Pouring-Childrens-Book

Its raining, Its pouring

The old man is snoring

He went to bed and bumped his head

And couldn’t get up in the morning.

No words. I was extra cautious walking to bed last night.

Think we will stick to Each Peach Pear Plum and Hairy Maclary.

Good Day!

Letting yourself go… and being ok with it!

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5 years ago when I was thinking about having a baby a close friend said to me…You can say goodbye to getting your nails done every fortnight. You wont have time for all your blowdrys. Seriously you will be lucky to wash your hair at all. I remember laughing and thinking not have time for a blowdry…over my dead body. I got my hair blow dried at the hairdresser in Rottnest when I went there for the weekend (that is a true story). Sadly she was right. She failed to inform me that not only would I not have time for nails or hair but a shower would be a luxury if it was taken first thing in the morning….or sometimes a shower would be a luxury if it was taken at all. Gone were the days of laying in the bath with an eye pack on. Oh how I miss the.

I had fake eyelashes, a manicure (with shellac so they couldn’t take it off) and a hair donut in my c section with Izzie. They must have been absolutely killing themselves laughing. I surprised they even recognized me with Lola…just a dash of blush when she was born. I didn’t even have any nails to paint as they had all broken off from chasing around Miss 2. Pretty sure my legs weren’t shaved!

I actually do not have time to spend “taking care” of myself. I have too many other people to take care of. Seriously the fight I go through every morning to get Izzie to let me do her hair is ridiculous. You would think I was asking her to shave it off. (I have thought of that….it would save me some morning sanity.) Then I throw mine in a 2 second top knot and off we go.

Post baby I would never have gone to the shops in my exercise clothes, no make up and messy hair. A few months ago I went with a hole in my pants and baby vomit on my shoulder….the sad part is I actually knew about the vomit. WAAAAA what happened to me.

This is how I feel ATM.

Shaving. Its winter. No ones wearing dresses. So fuck it.

Bonus of a FIFO husband. No ones seeing my pins for at least 2 weeks.

Its bad when you spend more money on cool trackies than you do on going out outfits. You know it’s really bad when you refer to trackies as “cool trackies”.

To be honest I think I am in the thick of things at the moment. Youngest being 5.5 months and oldest being 2.5 years. I am hoping that someday I will get the me time back. I also hope I don’t get waaaaay to excited and end up looking like Donatella Versace.

As long as the girls are washed and dressed nicely I am happy to continue taking one for the team.

Oh and PS I am in Bali very soon. Manicure, Pedicure, Massage….Come to Mumma. May even buy a new cool tracky for the occasion.